Free management and leadership training modules brought to you by author, speaker, and management educator, Dr Mike Clayton.


What you can expect from Management Courses

All our content will fit into a comprehensive program of management and leadership training, classified into eight primary threads:

  1. Managing Yourself (red)
  2. Manager as Communicator (orange)
  3. Managing and Leading Individuals (yellow)
  4. Managing and Leading Groups (green)
  5. Managerial Skillset (cyan)
  6. Managing within Organizations (blue)
  7. Managing Innovation and Change (magenta)
  8. Managing Customers and Clients (purple)

We'll be launching courses frequently across the threads. We'll always start with core content and then we'll add to them to build comprehensive learning resources.

For more detail, we have answers to some frequently asked questions FAQs

Learning Resoures

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