So, what am I doing with Management Courses?

Good question. I am aiming to create a series of high-quality Management training courses - and give them away at no cost via YouTube.

How can you afford to give these courses away?

Once my channel has grown enough, I am hoping YouTube ad revenue will pay for the cost of creating these videos. And I'll also be offering a number of related products to my learners:

  •  Products I have created, selling at low costs
  •  Books and other products, via affiliated links

If you are serious about learning with us, please do consider getting our Onboarding Kit for a recommended cost of $5 (and a minimum of just $3). Also, in the description of each video are extensive notes. Some contain links to other products (mostly at nil cost) in our Gumroad Store.

How do these videos differ from those on sites like Udemy?

They don't, much. In fact, I have several courses for sale at Udemy and Skillshare. But I have decided to try another model for course creation and sale.

So, where can you watch my videos without paying?

On YouTube of course. I have two channels: