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Assertiveness – Recognize Passive, Aggressive, & Assertive Behaviors

Do you know how to recognize Passive, Aggressive, & Assertive Behaviors? What are the:
– voice and speech patterns
– typical words and phrases
– facial expressions, and
– body language
that are associated with passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors?

Watching this Video is worth 3 Management Courses CPD Points*.
(See below for more details)

This video is part of course module number 1.5.2
Program 1: Managing Yourself
Course 5: Personal Impact
Section 2: Assertiveness

Primary videos that preceed this video include:
– Assertiveness – What are Passive, Aggressive & Assertive? https://youtu.be/KmrokQdsjTA

Primary videos that follow this video include:
– Assertiveness – What to Say to be Assertive https://youtu.be/xrRVayJW-BA

You can recognize Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive behaviors from clues in:
– voice and speech patterns (hesitant, abrupt, or fluent)
– typical words and phrases (cautious, pushy, or respectful)
– facial expressions (evasive, severe, or relaxed)
– body language (closed, broad, or open)

1. Think through some of your colleagues at work. Wha are their typical behaviors, and what does that tell you about their default passive, aggressive, or assertive approach? (2 MC CPD Points)
2. Start to notice passive, aggressive, or assertive behaviors when you meet people. How do they make you feel? And how do you respond to them? (2 MC CPD Points)
3. On the next three occasions when you notice unhelpful behaviors in people you are with, consciously choose to remain assertive. (3×2 MC CPD Points)

Free Resources
– CPD Tools – https://gum.co/MC-CPD
Paid resources
– Management Courses Onboarding Kit – https://gum.co/MC-ObK ($3)

– Assertiveness at Work https://geni.us/epp1

Management Courses Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points
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Each video has two levels of MC CPD points. For this video:
– If you simply watched the video, record 3 MC CPD points
– If you also carried out all of the recommended exercises, score a total of 13 MC CPD points

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