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Attending Meetings – Project Presence and Authority

When you attend a meeting, it’s a chance to impress in the right way. And to do that you need to project presence and authority. In this video I will give you tips on how to do that.

Watching this Video is worth 1 Management Courses CPD Point*.
(See below for more details)

This video is part of course module number 2.3.1
Program 2: The Manager as Communicator
Course 3: Meetings
Section 1: Attending Meetings

Primary videos that precede this video include:
– Attending Meetings – Are they the Best Use of Your Time? https://youtu.be/OQIFjLxld0c
– Attending Meetings – Preparing to Attend a Meeting https://youtu.be/W8caX5tPFLA
– Attending Meetings – Networking and Relationship Building https://youtu.be/YhqJHUCY9Gw
– Attending Meetings – Making an Effective Contribution https://youtu.be/VPhN3R4kOlY
– Attending Meetings – Structured Response Formats https://youtu.be/SB23yRpGFkE

Primary videos that follow this video include:
– Attending Meetings – Using a Projector and Slides https://youtu.be/fgrD7yTCMcU
– Attending Meetings – Using a Flip Chart https://youtu.be/6Nx9Rqgo_Bs

To project presence and authority at a meeting, you need to pay attention to:
– how you look
– your posture
– where you sit
– your papers
– introducing yourself to people
– staying alert to what’s happening
– listening a lot
– only speaking when you have something worthwhile to say
– summarising and adding insights to what’s been said
– using your structured response formats: https://youtu.be/SB23yRpGFkE

1. If you have not done so, review the video ‘Attending Meetings – Structured Response Formats’ https://youtu.be/SB23yRpGFkE (That’s worth 3 MC CPD Points plus the points for doing the exercises – but only score them once! – if you choose to re-watch that video, 1 MC CPD Point)
2. Reflect on which strategies you already use and which ones you either don’t use, or do not use well. Identify the three strategies you think will have the biggest impact on your presence and authority, if you apply them effectively. Note them down for step 3. (2 MC CPD Points)
3. For the next 3 meetings that you are invited to, apply one of the strategies in this video in the first, add another in the second, and then apply three in the third meeting. Reflect on what improvement that makes. (3×2 MC CPD Points)

Free Resources
– CPD Tools – https://gum.co/MC-CPD
Paid resources
– Management Courses Onboarding Kit – https://gum.co/MC-ObK ($3)

– How to Speak so People Listen https://geni.us/HSPL

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Each video has two levels of MC CPD points. For this video:
– If you simply watched the video, record 1 MC CPD point
– If you also carried out all of the recommended exercises (including rewatching the ‘Structured response Formats’ video), score a total of 10 MC CPD points

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Seating Psychology in One-on-One Meetings
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Chairing Meetings – Meetings as Conversations
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Attending Meetings – Structured Response Formats
Attending Meetings – Making an Effective Meeting Contribution
Attending Meetings – Networking and Relationship Building
Attending Meetings – Preparing to Attend a Meeting
Attending Meetings – Are they the Best Use of Your Time?

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Dr Mike Clayton is a (former) Project Manager and now a management educator. Having trained thousands of people at live workshops, seminars, and conferences, he now delivers training mainly via video. He has 14 books with international publishers and runs two successful YouTube channels. He is also the founder of OnlinePMCourses.com

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