The job of marketing is to make potential customers aware of your products or services.

While not every manager will find themselves actively involved in marketing, it's a fair bet that sometime in your career, you will at least need to work with marketing professionals. No manager should be unaware of the basic principles, terminology, and tools of marketing. That's what this course will equip you with.

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Brands and Branding

What is a Brand? Brands and Branding
What is Brand Management?
What is a Brand Strategy?
What is a Brand Marketing Plan?

Marketing Strategy

What is Market Research?
What is a Marketing Strategy?
What is Market Segmentation?
What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

Marketing Mix

What is Public Relations (PR)?
Guy Kawasaki: What is Enchantment?
Seth Godin: What are Tribes?

Online Marketing

What is Remarketing? (or Retargeting)


Media Buying: The Three Stages

Masters of Marketing & Advertising


Book Recommendations

Marketing Textbooks



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