Personal Impact

The first thing you need to be able to do, if you want to get attention, is to make a positive impact on the people around you. This course will give you the ways to do that.

This is our course on Personal Impact.

It is in six sections

Personal Impact Course

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First Impression

First Impression – Appearance: How to Look the Part
Make a Good First Impression – Positive Attitude
First Impression – How to Use Posture and Gesture


Assertiveness – What are Passive, Aggressive & Assertive?
Assertiveness – Recognize Passive, Aggressive, & Assertive Behaviors
Assertiveness – What to Say to be Assertive


Confidence – The Basics & Basis of Confidence
Confidence – How You Can Feel Confident
Confidence – 10 Tips to Act with Confidence


Presence, Charisma, Gravitas: What’s the Difference?
Mental Presence – Being there, mentally
Physical Presence – Creating the Impression you are Completely Present


Presence, Charisma, Gravitas: What’s the Difference?
The 7 Elements of Charisma
How to be Likeable (Develop your Charisma)
How to Build Rapport (Develop your Charisma)


Presence, Charisma, Gravitas: What’s the Difference?
The Trust Equation – Gravitas needs Trust
Credibility: Gain Gravitas through Knowledge and Experience
The Presence of Gravitas: How Deliberate Pacing makes People Take Note
Speaking with the Voice of Authority: How it Builds Gravitas
The Power of Silence: How to Use it to Enhance Your Gravitas
Style and Presentation to Enhance Your Gravitas
Structure Your Comments: 5 Ways to Enhance your Authority
Avoid Leaking Authority and Giving up Gravitas