Personal Productivity

As a manager, you need to be able to get things done and be productive. If you cannot, how will you reasonably expect others to?

This is our course on Personal Productivity.

It is in four sections

Personal Productivity Course

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Effective Working

The Power of Habits: Productivity through Effective Working
Organization: How to Enhance Your Productivity by Being Organized
Planning, Preparation, and Follow-up: Effective Working for Better Productivity
Use your Energy Cycles for More Effective Working and Greater Productivity
Wellbeing: What to do to Increase Your Productivity
Milestones and Deadlines for Self-Motivation and Greater Productivity
Failure of Multitasking: The Multitasking Myth
Three Types of Procrastination… and Why 2 are Good
Conquer Procrastination: How to Avoid Putting Things Off
Overcome Overwhelm: Dealing with the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed
Special Time: and How to Use it to Work Effectively
The Flow State… and How Flow Can Help You Work Effectively
Monkey Management: How to Deal with a Monkey on Your Back
Email Wrangling: How to Manage Your Email for Greater Productivity

Time Management

Activity Log: Logging Your Time and Activities
Goal Setting: The Start of Your Time Management
Time Management with The OATS Principle
To Do List and 7 Other Time Management Lists You Should Use Instead
Prioritization: Understand Urgent and Important
Prioritization with the Pareto Principle – the 80-20 Rule
How to Clear a Backlog – The 4 Rs Method
How to Handle Overload: When Time Management is Not Enough
How to Say NO: Noble Objection – the Ultimate in Time Management
How to Handle Interruptions and Distractions
Eating Frogs: A Solution to Procrastination
What is the Pomodoro Technique? Working in Sprints
How Does the Getting Things Done Time Management Method Work?
How Does the Autofocus Time Management Method Work?
How Does the Chain Method of Time Management Work?
How to Use the Kanban Method for Time Management
Strategic Time Management: What and How follow

Personal Productivity follow

Personal Productivity