Your first managerial responsibility is likely to be managing a team. And the skills of building, leading, and supporting teams will continue to serve you well throughout your professional career.

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Team Development & Team Building

What is a Team?
The Tuckman Model – Tuckman Team Development Model
Accelerate Team Development with Swift Trust
Establishing Team Behavior Norms – Team Development
Team Building Events: Why, What, and How?
John Whitmore’s Team Development Model
Cog’s Ladder of Group Experiences – Team Development
The Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Model
Kurt Lewin’s Freeze Phases for Team Development


Teamwork: Essentials of Working as a Team
Teamwork: Providing for Your Team
Teamwork: Protecting Your Team
Teamwork: Facilitating Effective Team Working
Teamwork: Your Team’s Skills and Expertise
Teamwork: Elements of Effective Team Meetings
Teamwork: Leading Effective Team Reviews
Teamwork: Team Celebrations
Teamwork: Problem Solving with Your Team
Teamwork: Your Team Working Problems Solved

Team Leadership

Team Leadership and the Tuckman Group Development Stages
Servant Leadership: Leading Your Team in the Tuckman Performing Stage
Team Leadership: John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership
LEAD Your Team: 4 Team Leadership Priorities
Four Quadrants of Team Leadership
Team Leadership Continuum [Tannenbaum & Schmidt]
Daniel Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles for Team Leaders
Team Leadership: Handling Team Problems

Supporting Your Team

Supporting Your Team Under Pressure: Return to High-Performance
Supporting Your Team through Team Stress: 4 Steps
How to Support Your Team through Change – 6 Steps
Supporting Your Team through Conflict: 3+1 Roles to Play
How to Support Your Team for Learning: 7 Things

Managing Remote Teams

Introduction to Managing Remote Teams
Creating Trust in Remote Teams
Helping Build Understanding in Your Remote Team
Crafting Connection and Building Culture in Your Remote Team
Fostering Responsibility within Your Remote Team
Maintaining Productivity in Your Remote Team
Getting Sufficient Challenge in Your Remote Team
Developing People in Your Remote Team
Taking Care of the Wellbeing of People in Your Remote Team

Cross-Cultural Teams

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Teams
Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness: The Stages
Dimensions of Cross-Cultural Differences: 10 of the Biggest
Tips for Cross-Cultural Working: 10 + 1 Bonus

Masters of Teams

Katzenbach and Smith: The Wisdom of Teams
Meredith Belbin: The Belbin Team Roles Profile
Margerison McCann: The Team Management Wheel
Patrick Lencioni: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team