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CSR: Who are an Organization’s Stakeholders?

A stakeholder is anyone who has any interest in what you are doing. They can be an individual or a group. So, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, who are the stakeholders who have an interest in what the organization is doing?

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
This video is part of course module 6.2
Program 6: Managing within Organizations
Course 2: Corporate Social Responsibility

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The term ‘stakeholder’ was first coined at the Stanford Research Institute in 1963.

In 1965, Igor Ansoff briefly discussed stakeholder theory in his book, ‘Corporate Strategy’. He argued that companies had responsibilities to various stakeholders, including workers, suppliers, managers, and, of course, stockholders.

Stakeholder theory took off in 1983, when R Edward Freeman wrote ‘Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach’ https://geni.us/XzYlz

From then, the term has been widely used, especially by politicians and social planners. Its use in the political domain reached its peak in the UK when Prime Minister Tony Blair floated the concept of a ‘Stakeholder Economy’ in January 1996.

The stakeholders to whom companies have a responsibility:
• Consumers/customers/clients
• Employees
• Suppliers and Contractors
• Financers and Investors
• Communities
• Government
• Interest groups
• The Environment

1. Who are the particular stakeholders in your organization, under each category? (6 MC CPD Points)

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00:00 – CSR: Who are an organization’s stakeholders?
00:29 – What are companies for?
02:10 – The term, ‘stakeholder’
03:07 – Stakeholder Theory and ‘Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach’
03:36 – Wide use of the term ‘stakeholder’
03:57 – Who are the organization’s stakeholders?
07:13 – Summing up

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