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How to Control Your Nerves Before and During Your Presentation

Many people would say that giving a presentation is the scariest thing they need to do at work. Indeed, some people who do it a lot still find it a real challenge to get their nerves under control. Happily, a little nervousness can give you a bit of an edge. And there are plenty of techniques to help control your nerves and keep excessive fear under control.

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This video is part of course module 2.2.2
Program 2: Manager as Communicator
Course 2: Presentation Skills
Section 2: Delivery

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Eustress : the level of stress at which we perform at our peak.
Too much stress and we find the fear can cause our nerves to impact our performance adversely. Yoo little stress, we can find that complacency leads us to underperform against our true potential.

Four Points of Control
1. Preparation
2. Your Environment
3. Mental Control – Visualization and Self-talk
4. Physiological (body) Control

Next time you need to deliver a presentation, try all these techniques to control your nerves:
1. Preparation – see our video https://youtu.be/_9bOgcBNaeU (2 MC CPD Points)
2. Get your environment right (2 MC CPD Points)
3. Visualization and Self-talk (2 MC CPD Points)
4. Get your body relaxed (2 MC CPD Points)

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๐Ÿ“– The Presentation Book – https://geni.us/6sqr
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00:00 – Giving a presentation is scary
00:37 – Eustress – optimize your stress level
01:26 – Four points of control
01:43 – Preparation
03:22 – Your environment
04:27 – Mental Control
04:49 – Visualization
05:57 – Self-talk
06:51 – Physiology – your body
08:05 – And finallyโ€ฆ

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