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How to Win an Argument

Arguments are about persuading someone who disagrees with you, using language. An argument follows rules that are less structured than those of a formal debate. But, there are unwritten rules nonetheless. Let’s look at them.

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Influencing and Persuading
This video is part of course module number 2.6.2
Program 2: Manager as Communicator
Course 6: Influencing and Persuading
Section 2: Verbal Influence and Persuasion

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When tempers rise and emotions take control, reason will rarely prevail. If there’s too much emotion, then step away until you’ve both cooled down enough to make progress.

Ten tactics to help you win an argument:
1. Be clear about your outcome
2. Start with small talk https://youtu.be/Ry7YVyCQE9c
3. We disagree, so let me speak first
4. Slice up the pie
5. Remain flexible
6. Keep off the trivia
7. Listen with 100% of your attention https://youtu.be/YCIryXl-ApI
8. Establish your credibility https://youtu.be/NpiPqZYt0vM
9. Find supporters https://youtu.be/E4sLIq5pxGk
10. Give them an escape route

1. Next time you get into an argument, use some of these techniques. Afterwards, evaluate what you have learned (3 MC CPD Points)

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– 5 Paths to Persuasion https://geni.us/Vg2vB

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00:00 – Arguments follow rules of persuasion
00:33 – Emotions…
01:10 – Tip 1
01:24 – Tip 2
01:47 – Tip 3
02:19 – Tip 4
02:43 – Tip 5
03:15 – Tip 6
03:30 – Tip 7
04:31 – Tip 8
05:07 – Tip 9
05:52 – Tp 10

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