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Howard Gardner: Emotional Intelligence in the Multiple Intelligences Model

In 1983, Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner, published the first edition of his book ‘Frames of Mind’. This introduced a wide audience to his model of ‘Multiple Intelligences’

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Overview of Emotional Intelligence
This video is part of course module number 1.4.1
Program 1: Managing Yourself
Course 4: Emotional Intelligence
Section 1: Overview of Emotional Intelligence

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In ‘Frames of Mind’ https://geni.us/TdXmS Howard Gardner suggested we stop asking the simplistic question:
How intelligent are you?’
Instead, he proposed that a better question is:
‘How are you intelligent?’

Gardner proposed that we each have a range of intelligences that we deploy in varying strengths. Our talents derive from combinations of these multiple intelligences.

Gardner set criteria for which capacities to consider as intelligences. He has settled on eight – others propose more.

1. Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
2. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
3. Naturalist Intelligence
4. Visual/Spatial Intelligence
5. Musical and Rhythmic Intelligence
6. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
– Balance and co-ordination
– Precise control

The last two of his eight forms of multiple intelligence laid the groundwork for the thinking that followed, most clearly in the popular model of emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman’s:

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
…aware of and understanding yourself, having the ability to reflect and introspect (mindfulness), and an ability to manage our own motivation, feelings, and behavior
8. Interpersonal (Social) Intelligence
…adept at operating in social settings and at collaboration, with an understanding of people (empathy) and an ability to put them at their ease

Gardner notes:
‘These intelligences are fictions – at most, useful fictions – for discussing processes and abilities that (like all of life) are continuous with one another.’

1. Can you think of any additional forms of intelligence that would make sense to you? Others have identified a fair number. (1 MC CPD Point)
2. Which of Gardner’s 8 forms of multiple intelligences are your particular strengths? And how well does your job role match up to them? (2 MC CPD Points)
3. What are the principal intelligence strengths of the people in your team, at work? How well do team members complement one another to form a multiply intelligent team? (4 MC CPD Points)

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00:00 – Howard Gardner’s book: ‘Frames of Mind’
00:36 – Introducing Multiple Intelligences
01:31 – Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
01:48 – logical/Mathematical Intelligence
02:02 – Naturalistic Intelligence
02:35 – Visual/Spatial Intelligence
02:51 – Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
03:12 – Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
03:48 – Emotional Intelligences
03:58 – Intrapersonal Intelligence
04:29 – Interpersonal Intelligence
05:09 – Daniel Goleman’s model of Emotional intelligence
05:52 – Critique of Multiple Intelligences
07:00 – Gardner’s assessment of Multiple Intelligences

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