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Leadership Attitudes: How to Approach Things Like a Leader

Leadership is largely a matter of character. Yes, there are some skills you’ll need, some roles to discharge, and a choice of how you do it. But, first and foremost, what matters are your attitudes to leadership and the people you lead.

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Introduction to Leadership
Program 3: Managing and Leading Individuals
Course 11: Leadership
Section 1: Introduction to Leadership

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🎬 What is Leadership? and Why do We Need Leaders?
🎬 The Leadership Skillset: What Every Leader Needs to be Able to Do
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In the video, I discuss:
– Attitudes to Leadership
– Attitudes to Getting the Job Done
– Attitudes to the People You Lead
– Attitude to Events

1. What attitudes do you think are most important to a leader? Make your own personal assessment. (3 MC CPD Points)
2. How do the leaders around you match up to the leadership attitudes you have listed? Choose three – including one leader at their best, and one you think needs some work. (3 MC CPD Points)
3. And what about you? Conduct an honest self-evaluation of your own attitudes, against the list you made. (3 MC CPD Points)

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There are a vast number of Leadership books – perhaps more than on any other management-related topic. And there is also a huge range represented in different lists of the best. This no-doubt reflects the different contexts for leadership.

So, any recommended reading list of leadership books must be particularly subjective. I have chosen those that made me think, and which are of particular value to managerial leaders: not sportspeople, military leaders, or CEOs. In no particular order:

📖 Leaders Eat Last
📖 Start with Why
📖 Humble Leadership
📖 The Leadership Challenge
📖 The New Leaders
📖 Shackleton’s Way
📖 Why should Anyone be Led by You
📖 The Habit of Excellence

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Managers Need a Basic set of kit to do your job well. Here are my top recommendations: https://kit.co/MikeClayton/manager-s-work-kit (the links are affiliated)

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– If you also carried out all of the recommended exercises, score a total of 11 MC CPD points

00:00 – Leadership Attitudes
00:28 – Disclaimer
00:58 – Attitudes to Leadership
02:22 – Attitudes to Getting the Job Done
03:19 – Attitudes to the People You Lead
04:22 – Attitude to Events

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10-Step Leadership Process: A Simple Model for How to Lead
The Leadership Skill Set: What Every Leader Needs to be Able to Do
What is Leadership? and Why do We Need Leaders?

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