Management Reading List

Reading remains - even in these days of video - a fabulous way to learn.

I'd like to introduce you to:

Books by Mike Clayton

Management Courses Introductions - First 5 Books

New Series: Management Courses Introductions

A series of Kindle-exclusive eBooks. Each one is the book of one of our courses. And they are priced low, at just $2.99 each (or your local equivalent). See them all at your local Amazon Store.

Print Books

Print Books by Mike Clayton

These books have all been commissioned by international publishers for print editions.

Publishers include Pearson, Capstone (Wiley), and Palgrave Macmillan. Several are best-sellers in their niche with total sales exceeding 50,000. 

Management Pocketbooks

Management Pocketbooks by Mike Clayton

Pocket-size books that support workplace learning and development.

Pocketbooks provide learning aids that are concise, jargon-free and highly visual, and employ accelerated learning techniques for fast and effective transfer of knowledge – practical tips, tools and techniques.

Pearson Business Express eBooks

Pearson Business Express eBooks by Mike Clayton

If you need to be in the know in no time at all, Business Express will get you from beginner to brilliant in the blink of an eye.

Business Express is an e-only imprint of Pearson Publishing. All Business Express books are around 8,0000 words and cover a distinct topic with absolute clarity. All are written by prominent business authors to offer practical workplace guidance.

And each one is priced at around GB£2.99 or the local equivalent price.

OnlinePMCourses Project Management eBooks

OPMC Kindle Exclusive Project Management eBooks by Mike Clayton

Don't miss out on the best, most practical ideas in Project Management.

We are collating a series of Kindle-exclusive Project Management eBooks. Each one is filled with great tips and advice, and will take you around an hour to read. They contain our top quality content, bundled with valuable extras.

And each one is priced at around US$2.99 or the local equivalent price.

Books to Accompany our Courses

Each course has a range of books we recommend, to accompany it. Select the topic you are interested in from the Courses page.

Please note that these links are affiliated. You won't pay any extra but, if you do choose to purchase one of these excellent books, we will receive a small percentage that will help us to keep making free content for you.