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Open Your Presentation: How to Hook your Audience with a Great Start

Open your presentation with a powerful introduction to hook your audience. I’ll start you off with the structure that many business writers, journalists, and authors use time after time.

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This video is part of course module 2.2.1
Program 2: Manager as Communicator
Course 2: Presentation Skills
Section 1: Preparation

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The three-part Structure: Situation, Complication, and Question.
– Start by spelling out briefly the situation.
– Then set up a complication: why does this really matter to your audience?
– Step up your intro with a question.
– Finally, answer the question with your Central Idea.

AIDA Formula for Grabbing Attention
– Something surprising, shocking, curious, or relevant
– Pique their interest by showing how it can benefit them
– Create desire by showing what they will get if they listen to you
– Let them know what they need to do next

Here are some of my favorite ways to open a talk.
1. State something familiar – then undermine it.
2. Make a bold claim – that you can deliver on.
3. Assert something surprising.
4. Make a provocative remark.
5. Make a paradoxical statement.
6. Ask your audience a question.
7. Take a poll (show of hands) of your audience.
8. Ask for someone who fits a description – the characteristics will be relevant to your talk.
9. Tell a story – real life or allegorical.
10. Describe a common experience that will get your audience into a mood or emotional state.
11. Describe a scenario and ask: β€œwhat would you do?”
12. Challenge your audience.
13. Describe a current or recent news story – that you will show is relevant.
14. Quote a quotation.
15. Make a demonstration – call for a volunteer first to really get them on edge.
16. Draw an analogy between something familiar and your topic.
17. A humorous observation – but be very careful with jokes unless you are very accomplished.

Next time you craft a presentation:
1. Select either the SCQA framework or AIDA format and write an opening to hook your audience (2 MC CPD Points)
2. Use one of my 17 ways to really grab attention (2 MC CPD Points)

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Other Recommendations:
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πŸ“– Presentation Zen – https://geni.us/mrvmeh
πŸ“– The Pyramid Principle – https://geni.us/9cbjvBs
πŸ“– The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – https://geni.us/KJpG

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00:00 – You need to Hook your audience
01:10 – Situation – Complication – Question
02:43 – Your central idea
02:55 – AIDA Formula
04:52 – The need to grab attention
05:15 – List of attention-grabbers
07:19 – Why your opener is so important
07:39 – The two things you most need to practice and develop…

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