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Seth Godin: Powerhouse of Marketing Ideas

The internet has changed marketing and advertising. There are new rules, new tools, and new gurus. One of the first to see this coming, and craft new strategy and tactics, was Seth Godin.

I describe Godin as a Powerhouse of Ideas. Already in this course on marketing, we have two full videos on two of his ideas:
• Tribes https://youtu.be/INKI-FRUNcA
• Permission Marketing https://youtu.be/BqonS5HHLrQ

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Marketing for Managers
This video is part of course module number 8.3.6
Program 8: Managing Customers & Clients
Course 3: Marketing for Managers
Section 6: Masters of Marketing

Other videos in this section include:
🎬 Estée Lauder: The Mother of Modern Marketing https://youtu.be/fqMCHag_Cek
🎬 Philip Kotler: The Father of Modern Marketing https://youtu.be/H803ZGXy69Y
🎬 Theodore Levitt: Globalization of Marketing https://youtu.be/J_B42lvxuEc
🎬 Jean-Claude Larréché and Marketing Momentum https://youtu.be/hdnhOOMhL8M

Godin’s books:

Permission Marketing (1999) https://geni.us/I8GqAiu
All Marketers are Liars (2004) https://geni.us/AOnagtk
Don’t force your message on your audience – create a demand from your audience to hear your message.

Unleashing the Ideavirus (2001) https://geni.us/iaT0
The idea of viral marketing – making the idea of your marketing so interesting, appealing, or exciting that you just have to share it.

Purple Cow (2002) https://geni.us/cBcH
Free Prize Inside (2007) https://geni.us/ErARP
The key is differentiation – stand out or your marketing will fail. You need to abandon product, place, price, and promotion (https://youtu.be/gsp72V0W8Uw) in favour of p for phenomenal or, as Godin puts it: p for Purple Cow.

The Dip (2007) https://geni.us/JAc1vo3
Doing things really well is hard. You make a lot of progress at the start of your learning journey and then slow down. This is the Dip.

Tribes: We need you to lead us (2008) https://geni.us/ugCQ0
Market by leading. Find like-minded people who believe in what you are doing and lead them.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (2010) https://geni.us/ZaABYP
Market yourself by becoming essential to your organisation or your tribe. D

We are all Weird (2011) https://geni.us/56xuSH
Everyone is different and the internet allows us to make for and market to the long tail of small communities.

The Icarus Deception (2012) https://geni.us/c7qq
Success means taking risks and being exceptional.

1. If you haven’t watched our videos on Tribes https://youtu.be/INKI-FRUNcA and Permission Marketing https://youtu.be/BqonS5HHLrQ – ten take a look at them
2. Which of Godin’s ideas seems the strongest to you? And Why? (2 MC CPD Points)
3. Which of Godin’s ideas form part of your organization’s marketing strategies? (2 MC CPD Points)

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📖 Very quick overview
Marketing: A Very Short Introduction https://geni.us/ozSJF
📖 Good general overviews
Kotler on Marketing https://geni.us/JNeVHy
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind https://geni.us/kGj4KCA
The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing https://geni.us/RVU1
Marketing For Dummies https://geni.us/sZXAw
📖 Small business marketing
The 1-Page Marketing Plan https://geni.us/Xb4wBk
📖 For a textbook, you can’t go wrong with Kotler’s name on it!
Marketing: An Introduction https://geni.us/q4gzVOw
Principles of Marketing https://geni.us/gsFeMT5
Marketing Management https://geni.us/i3FO

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00:00 – New rules, New Tools, New Gurus: Seth Godin
01:05 – The breadth of Seth Godin’s thinking
01:32 – Purple Cow -&- All Marketers are Liars
02:32 – Unleashing the Ideavirus
03:15 – Purple Cow -&- Free Prize Inside
04:04 – The Dip
05:07 – Tribes – We Need You to Lead Us
06:03 – Linchpin – Are You Indispensable?
06:44 – We are all Weird
07:42 – The Icarus Deception
08:13 – Summing up of Seth Godin’s ideas

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What is A/B Testing? …and Split Testing?
What is Remarketing? (or Retargeting)
What is Marketing Automation? And How to set it up.
What is Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing? And How to Build Your Campaign
What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? …And How to Use it.
What is the Customer Journey? And How to Visualize it
Seth Godin: What are Tribes?
Guy Kawasaki: What is Enchantment?
What is Public Relations (PR)?
What is the Marketing Channel Mix? Promotion Channel Strategy
Marketing Mix: The Fifth P – What is Positioning?
Marketing Mix: Crafting a Message – What is Promotion?
Marketing Mix: Place and Distribution Channels
Marketing Mix: Price and Pricing Strategy
Marketing Mix: Product – What is the Product Marketing?
What is the Marketing Mix – The 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion?
What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?
What is a Customer Persona? …or Buyer Persona or Marketing Persona
What is Market Segmentation?
What is a Marketing Strategy?
What is Market Research?
What is a Brand Marketing Plan?
What is a Brand Strategy?
What is Brand Management?
What is a Brand? Brands and Branding

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