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Travelling to Your Presentation: Speaker’s Checklists for Road Warrior Presenters

Wherever you go to present โ€“ whether the next meeting room down the hall, or a big hotel in a foreign country, itโ€™s a good idea to have a speaker’s checklist of what you need to take, and what to do when you arrive. Here are two useful checklists that have served me well.

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Speakerโ€™s Checklist: What to Pack
o Travel documents โ€“ tickets, reservations, ID, maps
o Equipment โ€“ laptop, projector, power leads, timer or watch, music player and music
o Accessories โ€“ remote control, pointer, adaptors for foreign sockets, extension leads, connection cables
o Stationery โ€“ pens, notepaper, pencils, marker pens
o Personal items โ€“ phone (and charger), business cards, purse/wallet, umbrella
o Materials โ€“ your notes, printed materials, reference documents, props
o Backups โ€“ USB or SD drive, login details for cloud backup
o Vanity items โ€“ make-up, tissues, comb, breath mints
o For emergencies โ€“ masking tape, gaffer tape, penknife, sticky notes, plain paper, sticky tac, scissors, paracetamol/ibuprofen

Speakerโ€™s Checklist: Checks to make on arrival
o Visual Technology โ€“ does it work? Run through everything. Are laptops running on power? Are screen savers or alerts disabled?
o Audio Technology โ€“ test the microphones, spare batteries
o Sight lines โ€“ are chairs well placed, where will you stand, how clear are visual aids?
o Supporting Materials โ€“ have participants got all the materials they need
o Small equipment โ€“ marker pens, pointers, notepaper and pen, watch or timer
o Comfort โ€“ water (not fizzy and not iced if you are speaking) and tissues to hand
o Distractions โ€“ empty your pocket, remove dangly bracelets, put away unnecessary potential distractions

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I have also created a Presenterโ€™s Kit to accompany this course:
https://kit.co/MikeClayton/presenter-s-kit (the links are affiliated)

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00:00 – Checklists prevent you from missing things
00:38 – Checklist 1: What to Pack
03:55 – Checklist 2: Preparing to Speak
08:21 – Remove Distractions

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