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What are Lean and Lean Thinking?

In this video, I want to answer the questions, what is Lean, and what is Lean Thinking?

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– Program 6: Managing within and Organization
– Course 5: Operational Management
– Section 3: Process Improvement

Lean thinking is a systematic approach to structuring an organization’s activities. The goals are to increase the benefits (or value) the organization delivers, while reducing waste. The twin objectives of Lean Thinking are:
1. Maximum value
2. Zero waste

‘The Machine That Changed the World’ – https://geni.us/ZAY7
‘Lean Thinking’ – https://geni.us/EAWt1
‘Lean Solutions’ https://geni.us/7r5N.

The five principles of Lean Thinking are:
1. Determine value from the customer’s point of view
2. Examine the value chain for each product or service
3. Allow the process to flow by linking steps without waste or delay
4. Give customers and intermediate operators the ability to pull the components, products, or services they need
5. Design everything towards total quality

There are Lean Enterprise Institutes all over the world now, that promote lean ideas. In 1997 Womack established the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) in the United States. In 2003 Jones established the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK.

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00:00 – What is Lean? And what is Lean Thinking?
00:12 – Lean Thinking
00:38 – Adding Value
01:16 – Reducing Waste and Increasing Efficiency
01:41 – Muda, Muri, Mura
02:33 – A short history of Lean Thinking
04:51 – The Value Chain
05:56 – The Five Principles of Lean Thinking
06:39 – Lean Enterprise Institute and Lean Enterprise Academy
07:01 – Summing Up

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