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What is the Sales Funnel?

The Sales Funnel is one of the most fundamental concepts in selling. So, in this video, I want to answer the question What is the Sales Funnel?

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Sales and Selling Skills
This video is part of course module 8.4.2
Program 8: Managing Customers and Clients
Course 4: Sales / Selling Skills
Section 2: Sales Fundamentals

Other videos in this section include:
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The sales funnel is a metaphor for how the number of people reduces with each stage of the sales cycle, from a vast number of possible prospects – your β€˜suspects’ – to small number of actual buyers.

There are different articulations of the sales funnel.
I base mine on the sales process in earlier videos in this program. Start with The Sales Process – a Summary of the 9-Step Selling Process https://youtu.be/iPZNem-Xguw

1. Prospecting – Awareness
2. Qualification – Interest
3. Diagnosing – Understanding
4. Presenting – Evaluation
5. Consideration – Negotiation
6. Commitment – Purchase

Beyond this are additional stages where:
β€’ Your customer adopts your product or service
β€’ You develop the relationship – account development
β€’ Your customer grows in loyalty and commitment to your brand

Each organization has its own variant on the sales funnel.
1. What are the steps in your organization’s sales funnel? (2 MC CPD Points)
2. For each step, what can you do to maximize the number of prospects that pass through to the next step (and to minimize the number you lose)? (10 MC CPD Points)

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πŸ“– The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need https://geni.us/AEAVD5
πŸ“– The New Strategic Selling https://geni.us/Zt2Z9n3
πŸ“– SPIN Selling https://geni.us/Ir5xu
πŸ“– The Psychology of Selling https://geni.us/AjR8AA

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00:00 – What is the Sales Funnel?
00:40 – The purposes of the Sales Funnel model
01:09 – Different articulations of the sales funnel
01:42 – Prospecting – Awareness
02:04 – Qualification – Interest
02:19 – Diagnosing – Understanding
03:00 – Presenting – Evaluation
03:16 – Negotiation – Consideration
04:02 – Commitment – Purchase
04:24 – Additional stages in the sales funnel
05:03 – Summing up

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