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What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is a story in three parts. But those parts are closely integrated, so buckle up for a longer video than usual.

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Introduction to Leadership
Program 3: Managing and Leading Individuals
Course 11: Leadership
Section 2: Models of Leadership

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James McGregor Burns distinguished between 2 types of leadership:
– Transactional Leadership (our video: https://youtu.be/MF_UHssYlSA)
– Transforming Leadership – addresses higher needs, priorities, and desires in the people who follow you.

Bernard Bass shifted the terminology to Transformational Leadership. Transformational leaders earn trust, respect, and admiration of their followers by:
1. Growing awareness of the purpose of tasks and the organization, and why they are important
2. Creating a desire to go beyond self-interest and serve their team, organization, or community
3. Helping them craft and work towards their highest-level goals

Bass codified the four basic components of Transformational Leadership – the Four I’s:
– Idealized Influence
– Inspirational Motivation
– Intellectual Stimulation
– Individualized Consideration

Gary Yukl suggests we need to focus on 6 activities:
1. Articulate a clear and appealing vision
2. Explain how the team can achieve the vision
3. Act with confidence and optimism
4. Show confidence in your followers
5. Emphasize key values with dramatic and symbolic action
6. Lead by example

Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus suggested 4 abilities that leaders need. Management of:
1. Attention
2. Meaning
3. Trust
4. Self

πŸ“•πŸ“— Books on Transformational Leadership
James McGregor Burns
Leadership – https://geni.us/YyWmHdz
Transforming Leadership – https://geni.us/dh0is
Bernard Bass
Bass Handbook of Leadership – https://geni.us/sKyt
Transformational Leadership: A Comprehensive Review of Theory and Research – https://geni.us/H4zPY
Gary Yukl
Leadership in Organizations – https://geni.us/hAiaA
Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus
Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge – https://geni.us/zmQj3SC
Max Landsberg
Landsberg’s wonderful short book is structured around the four I’s
The Tools of Leadership – https://geni.us/sUMIkM

Become a transformational leader.
List three things you can do, to strengthen your leadership in each dimension:
1. Idealized Influence (2 MC CPD Points)
2. Inspirational Motivation (2 MC CPD Points)
3. Intellectual Stimulation (2 MC CPD Points)
4. Individualized Consideration (2 MC CPD Points)

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There are many Leadership books. And there is also a huge range represented in different lists of the best. This no-doubt reflects the different contexts for leadership.

Any recommended list must be subjective. I have chosen ones that made me think, and are of particular value to managerial leaders: not sportspeople, military leaders, or CEOs. In no order:

πŸ“– Leaders Eat Last
πŸ“– Start with Why
πŸ“– Humble Leadership
πŸ“– The Leadership Challenge
πŸ“– The New Leaders
πŸ“– Shackleton’s Way
πŸ“– Why should Anyone be Led by You
πŸ“– The Habit of Excellence

⭕️ Links to our recommendations are affiliated through Amazon and help support our free videos

Managers Need a Basic set of tools to do your job well. Here are my top recommendations: https://kit.co/MikeClayton/manager-s-work-kit (affiliated)

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00:00 – Transformational Leadership
00:20 – Part 1: James McGregor Burns – Transforming Leadership
02:41 – Part 2: Bernard Bass – Transformational Leadership
04:27 – Idealized Influence
04:48 – Inspirational Motivation
05:02 – Intellectual Stimulation
05:21 – Individualized Consideration
05:48 – Gary Yukl: Leadership Focus
07:34 – Part 3: Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus – Leaders
07:54 – Management of Attention
08:04 – Management of Meaning
08:30 – Management of Trust
08:58 – Management of Self
09:36 – Summing up Transformational Leadership

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Simon Sinek: Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last
Kouzes and Posner: The Leadership Challenge
Warren Bennis: Master of Transformative Leadership
Coaching for Leadership Development
Mentoring for Leadership Development
The Principles of Leadership Development
Complexity, Leadership, and the Cynefin Framework
Robert House and Path Goal Theory [Situational Leadership]
Commercial Situational Leadership Models
A Generic Day-to-Day Situational Leadership Model
Tannenbaum & Schmidt: The Leadership Continuum
The Fiedler Contingency Theory of Leadership Effectiveness
What is Servant Leadership?
What is Authentic Leadership?
What is Charismatic Leadership?
What is Visionary Leadership?
The Blake & Mouton Leadership Grid
What is Transactional Leadership?
Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles – A Styles Models of Leadership
Action Centered Leadership – A Roles-based or Functional Leadership Model
Leadership Behaviors: Task and Relationship Focus
Traits Models of Leadership
Leadership Traits, Roles, and Styles: Three Types of Leadership Model
What is Leader-Member Exchange Theory? And Should You Use LMX Theory?
10-Step Leadership Process: A Simple Model for How to Lead
Leadership Attitudes: How to Approach Things Like a Leader
The Leadership Skill Set: What Every Leader Needs to be Able to Do
What is Leadership? and Why do We Need Leaders?

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